May 27, 2015

Apple Inc. Job Listings Indicate Enhanced iTunes Features

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is looking to hire new engineers in order to bolster its ever famous patent iTunes music app. AppleInsider was the first one to report its observations on Apple’s website displaying job vacancies for engineering roles, to "help build the next-generation of search features". One of the major positions for job opportunities is for a search engineer who should be “comfortable bringing the latest in search and discovery ideas to production at a large scale". The tech company is looking to hire people for five other positions for the iTunes Store, all of which require skills in software architecture or engineering. Two of these five roles are for engineering purposes at the Music Discovery Services Group, aimed to develop and upgrade features running the iTunes Store, as the Music Discovery Services unit manages features, including iTunes Radio, iTunes Match, and iTunes Genius. An anomalous vacancy for jobs appears for a senior software engineer for the iTunes Media Service group. The person required for the opening will be working on “next generation products” that alter the dynamics of video consumption by users around the world, which AppleInsider believes could be a hint at the subscription TV service recently being rumored about. The high number of job vacancies appears unusual to people, as one wonder's as to why exactly the tech giant is looking to hire engineers at such designations. What is clear is that it wishes to work on and develop platforms for the user, for findings and searching audio and video content. Apple is looking to make enhancements to its iTunes inbuilt application and the upcoming revamped and rebranded Beats Music, an online streaming app which would be competing against the industry’s giant Spotify. The Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled to start on June 8 and the Beats Music, along with other game changing announcements, is expected by Apple. Only time will tell why the tech giant is looking for such high-scale hiring, some of which are for critical positions.

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